Support Your Local Music Scene << EDIT>>

I always love the above pics.... because you know that the musicians we listen to on the radio (oh did I just date myself!!??) had to "pay the dues" they struggled and went to countless open mics, bazillion hours of practice, blood, sweat and tears to "get discovered". I am constantly amazed at how sometimes it seems so effortless. But, of course, I haven't seen the tip jars, the open guitar cases... all I see, as most of us... "hey they are playing music, they are living the dream". Yes, it looks effortless. But for every artsit struggling to make it through, there has to be a support network otherwise it just can't happen.

Marketing! gaaahhhh thats time and money, right there. Getting the fans to back you. Yep, time, money, networking and all on top of doing what you really only want to be doing... PLAY

So you have an EP, you have saved the tips from the jar and dumped it into production time... now what?? Now the fans have to shell out for a cd... will they? How many of these EPs are you going to sit on?

The struggle continues. However, ever a firm believer that, if you have the passion good things will come... It is about being out there, not just playing but talking to folks. From a fan POV, I totally dig when the band is there after the show or between sets to meet and greet. I ALWAYS buy if I can get an autographand a huuug!

So keep on, keepin' on to get Beyond the Barrier...

- Kyra


- February 19th - Karma - Wicker, Sanford, NC

Bad Sign Live @ 7 pm

-February 20th-Drum and Quill Public House-40 Chiquapin Rd, Pinehurst, NC

Live with Will Dowd @8 pm

-February 20th - Smoke and Barrel-120 S Steele St,Sanford,NC

Christiane Smedley ft Matt Hooper & Chadburn Spivey @ 8:30 pm

February 20th-Yesterday's Pub-98 Amarillo Ln, Sanford, NC

TJ Johnson & The AKM Band

-February 27th - Buchanan's Music - 2845 Industrial Drive, Sanford, NC


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