It's in the Blood - Bad Sign

Walking up Wicker St. in downtown Sanford, NC on any given weekend, the breeze will bring your ears muffled melodies and your nose a blissful aroma. Both issuing from Karma - Coffee shop, boutique and musicians nest.

On Friday, February 19, those melodies trundling out the door were being created by three young men, their band Bad Sign. Killen’ songs from classic Zeppelin and their ilk to modern indi such as Cage the Elephant. Going from an acoustic set seamlessly to full electric and conquering riffs as if veteran players. It’s in the blood. Garret Wheeler (Bass/Vocals), Josh Zamarron (Guitar) and Jodeci Lutterloh (Percussion) bring their passion to bear, evident in their dynamic communication and relative ease on stage. These guys make it look easy! With a full sound and great repertoire - don’t miss the opportunity to hear them play… pushing to get beyond the barrier.

Check out Bad Sign on Facebook @

If you want to book the band for your event contact: Mac-Wheel Music At 919-770-7043

Photography by Kyra Rodriguez

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