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What a wonderful world we music fans live in today. Not only do we not REALLY have to pay for much of the music, we can listen to what we want, when we want - No waiting for the DJ to play your favorite song. -Bliss- What IS wrong with this scenario?

Simply put our Starving Artists ARE Starving Artists! In days of old, radio play and album sales equated a living for musicians. Royalties weren't spread quite as thin as now and if you wanted to hear the song either you owned it or waited for the AM radio, ok FM... I decided to get the low down on these struggles from local band, The Good and The Damned, hailing from Walla Walla, WA (note-my definition of “local” is a bit modified to include independent or unsigned musicians). With serendipitous beginnings and a lot of networking Elison and Gabriel Cruz found themselves in a recording studio, putting together a great first EP. Once recorded and mixed the questions turn to “now what?”

Social media is probably one of the best tools for independent musicians, but it does mean a lot of time is spent keeping up with outlets and posting. Elison and Gabe have had a fair bit of success with YouTube, but it is the combination of so many outlets that keeps them moving forward. Sites such as Spotify, iTunes, Reverbnation, Amazon, and etc. keep things building but also require doing some homework. Elison Cruz states that “Getting on iTunes and Spotify isn't difficult, although making sure you have the proper "paperwork" and licenses to do it legally is something to be wary of since copyrights and trademarks are serious and I want to make sure we don't violate any rules that could stop us from releasing music.” Put a Ring on it - with royalties from streaming music more paltry than I had even thought, Elison continues, "as efficient for listeners and fans as it is, is not very cost effective. One stream per song is something like 1/100th of a cent or something, and considering the fees to put them up on all the sites, to maintain them, and be able to make a profit on them is incredibly difficult, especially for new and upcoming talent. Hard sales are where it counts”. In other words if you enjoy your local or independent musicians’ work BUY IT! From a fan’s POV it’s always great to have them sign it. So why do it? Why struggle to make that music? Cruz says it simply, “It's dizzying how insignificant you can feel by watching and hearing other people's content, but also incredibly gratifying when you see people express their satisfaction with something you've created.” Music is fundamental to the soul, to dance, to sing, to celebrate. We are so fortunate that there are those who can create music, share it with the rest of us! Always pushing to get Beyond the Barrier...

Check out music by Walla Walla’s local and YOUR independent band The Good and The Damned.

Explore their links. Their EP is available direct, or through iTunes, Amazon, etc.

iTunes - http://apple.co/1SfZaw7 Amazon - amzn.to/1V3xzMx Bandcamp - bit.ly/1TSdw5i Spotify - bit.ly/1XipTHQ



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