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January 12, 2018

Here I am again, after a hiatus from the blog of a couple years... I thought it was important to get back to it! If you look back at the blogs from a few years ago you will see my trajectory was based in music photography, local music, aspiring musicians. Still very much a part of what I am passionate about, but there is so much more!

So… why do I take pictures?

My relationship with photography started in high school that fateful step that… photography class… it wasn’t a stretch for my interests but it did set me on a ride.

So why do I take pictures?

The best answer I can come up with is I want to stop time… catch time, share with you something that I am excited about. A lot of my personal work has a very “forced” point of view. I Reeeaaally want you to see what I see.

So why do YOU take pictures?

Its a pretty wonderful time we live in… we have our phones in our pocket ready for any shot… somewhere it says that this generation (millennials? I forget which) is the most photographed generation….

What makes you want to take the picture?

Its funny, its cute, its beautiful, you are proud of it? All of the above…. Ok so here is a trick question (probably no trick at all) but are you ever disappointed that it didn’t come out the way you envisioned? Not the best representation of what you saw? How can we fix that?

How about another question (apparently I am full of them). What makes you want to print that picture?

I have this crazy notion (as many old people have) that if all of our digital information is somehow lost, zapped, what have you. What do we have on hard copy? What is left for history to review? (currently in my house it the kids’ school pictures - and I am a photographer!!! Why don’t I have more printed?)

Sooo…. I am thinking that this new and improved blog would like to answer some of these questions. Maybe a few tips. Secrets from the trenches. Tricks from the old film days. Maybe a dash of musical inspiration….

So bring it on 2018 and if your game…. Read it, Love it, like it, share it, give me feedback too!

As Always,


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