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February 1, 2018

Do you want to take a picture? Go away, Anna…

How many pictures do you take a week, a day, an hour? Do you take your pics on your phone or a big camera? I guess your age bracket might determine how many pics you take but I don’t think this is hard and fast. And when it comes to phonography there are plenty of folks who know more than I. In the previous blog I asked if your pictures are worthy of being printed. I am sure there are a bunch that need to be printed because they document a special occasion. DO they just document or do they look good? We can take it a step further. Would you hang these pictures on your wall? Perhaps…

One Tip - So one easy and mostly sure fired way to make a picture just a bit better and worthy of printing and possibly HANGING ON THE WALL!

Get closer - thats it, thats my amazing tip! Kind of a no brainer, but a lot of folks will take a picture and then you cant see any details or a wonderful expression. This is probably why Selphies are so popular (among a host of other reasons). In a selphie you are up close and personal. Want to document that baby or your best friend get close, fill the frame. Wait for that beautiful smile (So maybe “be patient” is an auxiliary tip).

Try it out next time you are tempted to whip out your phone and take a snap….. get a little closer…. Get some love

Do you want to play a game?? I am setting up photo challenges through my ViewBug Account Are you up for a photo challenge? This is a pretty simple thing. View Bug is a photo site, they do challenges or other people can do challenges, its all about submitting your snaps. From everyday snappers to professional. The beauty is that you don’t have to pay anything to be a member unless you want to submit to the biggies…

In this case I will start a challenge (I was thinking “GREEN”) and you can go to the ViewBug website and setup an account (again - its free). I will provide the link here… Set up your account take a neat picture that you think embodies “green” - be creative, think outside of the box and upload your snap. I will run the challenge for 30 days - then myself and a few of my cohorts will chose a winner…. I am not saying you will win a million dollars but you could have some fun and maybe your snap will win a little badge.

Here is the link

Let know if the link works!

Have fun.

As Always, Kyra

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