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Southern Voice

Bringing it back

February 09, 2018

In my previous incarnation of this blog I really wanted to reach out to local musicians, well not necessarily local… why don’t we say "up and coming",… or "on the cusp of greatness". In any case, I want to support the amazing music scene that we have in this area and give thanks to all those struggling artists, where ever you are, making the sacrifices to follow their passion. This goes heartily in hand to a bunch of local guys from here in Sanford, NC. Southern Voice is also a reincarnation, parallel to this little blog… where the people behind it have stuff to say and music to play. Now since my family is relatively new to this area (only 6 years) the names of some of these guys I did not know but they have a history….

Each of the gentlemen making up Southern Voice, have a lifetime of musical experience. Running up to their first big local show at the Temple Theater in Sanford on the 24th of February, I figured I HAD to know more and here are your reasons for getting your tickets, making plans for a babysitter and taking your Love to a great show!

About five years ago, Tim Hair (Lead Vocals), Carey Rosser (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Keith Davis (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Mike Woodell (Bass) and Jeff Eisemann (Drums) played together in a little band called AKM with pretty good success. Alas, as things go, they each ended up going separate ways until about 5 months ago (October 2017), when the fates would have them in the same place at the same time wit h renewed vigor and passion. And so SOUTHERN VOICE made its way onto the lips of the local audience.

While writing up the interview I thought I would receive a wide variety of answers. The beauty I found is that these guys have the same passion through out. I thought it was pretty neat to see (read) the unity imbued in this band. Maybe because they are each coming from the same place (not geographically) but through musicianship, family, a love of music and great camaraderie.

One of my favorite questions for artists is; What is the inspiration? Here again, I saw a great amount of unity in their responses…. Love from family, friends and fans.

Another favorite question for me to pose; Where does the inspiration come from for songs? You can answer this… because why are your favorite songs, your favorite? The feels… the heartbreaks, the love, the happiness.

I thought it would be important for us to know what we can expect from the SOUTHERN VOICE show at The Temple Theater: The guys are all pretty stoked about giving the audience their all, lots of fun, great music with a great mix of classics and new music and my favorite response to this one was from Tim Hair (lead vocals) who summed it up with what the audience can expect: “A great time and a wonderful journey in music!!”

I’m beyond honored to be shooting at the show and I know you won’t be disappointed! And even if these guys don’t consider themselves Rock Stars, bring your Sharpies so they can sign a poster or your ticket.

See you there!!

As Always,

Kyra Rodriguez

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