Love for the Audience - Smoke From All The Friction

Art… such a huge topic. Vastly ethereal… My thought is that we all have some of that “artist” in our souls… Something that sets us apart from the critters. I find art is more about communicating a thought or feeling to an audience. I photograph to “show” you what I see… A painter paints to show you a moment or a feeling, musicians, and this is dear to my heart, have the unique ability to take you to a place, a memory, etc… How many times are you in a Monday Mood and you hear your favorite song and your day just instantly changes? Art has that amazing ability to communicate.

I had the pleasure of shooting for a young Raleigh band Smoke From All The Friction, last fall. Since then I have had the opportunity to get to know them a bit better and thought you might want to know more about this up and coming local band that is looking to communicate with you.

Smoke From All The Friction is a 3 piece built around an electronica blend. Cam Gillette, Nick Cercone and Nicole Cates bring rich vocals and haunting basses. A young band with a lot of experience, bringing in over two decades of musicianship between them. They have been building momentum leading up to the release of their first album on May 11.

So, this is what struck me the most when I received the interview, the question was “What would be your ‘Pie in the Sky’ gig?” Cam (lead) said, “For me, it's far less about a particular venue or stadium or event but the connection with an audience. When a consumer of any art is able to apply that art to themselves, it becomes something bigger and grander then it could ever be on its own. And to have a room full of people that were able to find a connection to something I created in anyway, and thus be connected in some little way to every other person in that room, would be a dream.”

This, really is what art is all about, the simple act of giving it over to the audience to communicate a thought or feeling. This thought process is recurrent throughout the interview, effortlessly… Cam stated, “I like just writing music without a goal, just creating for the joy of creating.” This all strikes a chord (no pun). The essence of inspiration. In my Interview with Southern Voice and Jarek Hardy I also asked about inspiration and there was a similar thought process… the desire to express and share. We all have different experiences, likes and dislikes and this allows us to interpret art in unique ways.

Consequently, another question I posed was: Where does your inspiration originate? To which Cam answered “For me its usually music, but not so much the technical aspects of another artist, but the feeling they evoke in me.” Here again, I see the patterns in musicians and bands I have interviewed, I love it… I love seeing how music shapes and inspires us…. On the cusp of greatness Smoke From All The Friction taps into the artist in all of us. A desire to share the best of what we are.

So, by now you are dying to hear some of the music from SFATF check out these links and put May 11th on your calendar for a date night and drive up to Imurg in Raleigh to listen to the band live as they cerebrate their first album.

Facebook: Smoke From All The Friction

Instagram: SmokeFromAllTheFriction

You can Find More of their music on Spotify, Reverbnation, iTunes and CDBaby

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