Reading Requirements for Manuel

I believe we can all take great photographs and as I have said before, it is a grand thing that every one has a camera in their hand, probably even as you read this.

Of course making those snap shots worthy of wall space is another thing entirely. Last time I suggested that you get closer to your subject matter, this is super important. To see those beautiful details that make your subject amazing and unique.

So, this time, my next “secret” to taking great pictures… read the manual. Ugg, gaaack, burn my eyes… READ THE MANUAL????


Read the manual, trust me this is even a new thing for me. I have been taking pictures for a loooong time, oh how I long for those simple times when you had to do all of your work on the front end and then “click” and it was a done deal. Today, it is a challenge to navigate all of the options and menus in your camera, even the point and shoot. Its actually pretty impressive because the camera can stack your deck, increase the odds of your taking a great shot.

My manual for the Nikon… 2” thick… I haven’t read it all…. Truth be known. Sometimes I make my life a tad easier and go to YouTube and “read the manual”…. I have learned a lot of valuable information about how to make my camera work for me. These new fangled cameras do help you take a better picture. However, they come in a bit short of reading your mind.

Sooo, do yourself a favor and invest a little bit of time to read the manual and play with your camera and when that priceless shot presents itself, you are not fumbling through the menus and buttons. Even with your phone camera, look through the menus and options, image size, filters, etc…. Manuel will thank you for it.

Next One on ViewBug…. Challenges???

As Always, Kyra

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