A picture is worth a thousand words..... Why leave the storytelling to just anybody? 

When I take a photograph, I am documenting a moment in time. Writing the thousand words, through pixels, composition, aperture, light and detail.  I am documenting YOUR moment. My goal is to capture the diaphanous spirit of time. For your images to speak throughout time beyond our scope. 

I have always been fascinated by the ancient photographs on the walls of my childhood. Images that have lost their identity in antique shops. They still speak. They disclose scraps of history, bits of time, joys and sorrows long left. 

My studies, experience and impatience have brought me to this place, to your doorstep to capture your moments, propel you into the future to speak your thousands of words.... 


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     Kyra Rodriguez is a veteran photographer from Montana. Currently living in North Carolina with her amazing husband and four wonderful children.  She attended Montana State University for Photography in the days of film. Slow in adopting digital photography, she demands high quality from her work. Her own worst critic translates into tremendous galleries.



About Kyra Rodriguez

Kyra Rodriguez is constantly working on specialized portfolios. Whether in the studio or on location, pushing the boundaries to create exciting and thought provoking images. Contact us for prints and enlargements - framed to enhance your business, home or office.

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