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Real Estate Photography

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Kyra Rodriguez Studio is announcing a new reason to get to know us.

Real Estate Photography brings the home in to the property listing and brings out the details that make the property a place to live and grow. Don't leave this important aspect of Real Estate Listings to any one...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what we can do for your listing.


Basic Listing

Basic Real Estate Listings will show beautiful images of the outside and inside of the property. 

One price will ensure you know what costs are.

In the coming days we will begin offering these services and adding more details... 



What can you expect from our Real Estate Photography 

Peace of mind knowing you are contracting a professional photographer. 

Enhanced Listing

This enhanced listing will expand the exterior and interior images to include beautiful and unique details and craftsmanship. 


Felipa Benjamin

Felipa has been my model and second photographer for nearly five years. She has an exquisite eye for details and a creative bend. Her photography skills do her great credit. I never question her skill and professionalism. I am honored that she has chosen to be part of the Kyra Rodriguez Team and will be heading our Real Estate Photography Division. 


coming soon


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