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Greetings From Salton Sea

I could have chosen more mainstream places to visit and shoot on this last trip to California (first trip in 40 yrs). However, I remember being in complete awe when I saw a few shots of the area by a photographer I follow. I had to ask “where is this?” He was quite surprised that I was so oblivious of the existence of such a place…. Let me explain (for those who, as I, have no idea), in a nut shell Salton Sea is a bit of an environmental disaster. Through a series of events involving water flowing into the lake that shouldn’t have and then agriculture and government creating more issues for the area…. Has led to this body of water in Southern California to be extremely Saline… More saline than Salt Lake… but at one point folks thought this would make a great place to vacation, getaway from the city and such. Investors put a chu