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Portfolios - Too Many images? (Carolina Beach)


I setup my IG to be very "uniform" or "organized" (in quotations because I am not known as the most organized human being on the planet). In any case, I set it up to provide the viewer with three images of a particular subject or shoot. This is all fine and good except... I generally (ALWAYS) have close to a bajillion images more from the shoot. Anything from slight variations of a similar shot to completely different views. I enjoy working with some filters, tones, black and white vs color... the whole gamut really.

I have decided to essentially expand my IG and give you this blog as an opportunity to see more of the images I created and maybe some stories, tips (rather pitfalls). Let me know what you think and share this to your folks you think might appreciate a pretty snap or two... I will work from my most recent and back as time allows - sometimes I have gobs of outings and other times not so much. Enjoy.


Carolina Beach Winter....

I love going to the beach in the winter... could it be that I am slightly antisocial? eeep, perhaps I enjoy those vacant landscapes that generally aren't too vacant as we see them from a tourist point of view...

We went to Carolina Beach mid January, a bit on a lark (a few more days off than usual - thanks Covid). My go to is usually the OBX but I had never been to Carolina Beach and the proximity to the Aquarium made it a good point for the kids.

The promise of great sunrises, made easy by the 9th floor balcony in the hotel, was unmistakable. Cold and little bit of weather on the horizon... My eyes would pop open just as the first faint eastern glow appeared.


My Youngest son had set his mind and eyes on Seeing and touring the USS North Carolina - he has built 2 plastic models of this ship at his tender age of 10. I know much more than necessary about this ship. An easy drive from the beach/hotel to the ship and a windy blue sky made the tour quite cold but worth while - nice to go below and tour around when the wind is howling. By the time we came back on top the could had moved in a bit and we were ready to go Light house hunting.

Oak Island was the target. This light is quite a departure from the rest of the Lights in North Carolina. Once there the wind was biting as that spire towered it was built in 1958 and fits the bill, you can see that nuclear influence of those days. From the beach you can look across the sound to Bald Head Island and it's light, we will go there tomorrow. On the oak island beach I got flashbacks from blizzards in Montana - growing up those icy days when the snow whips across the roads. On the beach it is the sand that sandblasts your legs and face. The ocean was dark and cold even with the sun shining, we retreated quickly to the car... Our hungry troop was ready for food and pool time (maybe).


Bald Head Island

We hadn't been to Bald Head Island since 2011 - Right before my oldest son went under the knife for an open heart surgery and my husband was to be deployed to Afghanistan. My sister was visiting, I know no better place to bring visitors than to the beach and lighthouses in our newly adopted state.

Bald Head Light (Old Baldy) also a bit of a departure from the OBX lights in that it isn't painted with those Iconic, distinct patterns. Baldy is a natural color, flecked with age and even in the winter the trees are dripping with spanish moss at its base...

To get to Bald Head Island one must take the ferry from South Port... about 20 minutes on the boat... we stayed inside and played crazy eights. After a walk about on the beach and some small streets (only golf carts and bikes on the island) we made it to the light and were ready to eat... because of winter and cover few places were open but we found the local hangout - Julie's Salty Grub and Island Pub - good pub food and great wait and kitchen staff . I managed to convince the crew that we had to walk back over to the light house and visit the chapel next door. Good the after lunch walk about. The door to the chapel was open, we walked in and relished in its wooden beams and windows to the estuary. A preyer and off to the return ferry. Next time we might have to go in the summer and rent a house and bikes.


After that day, we thanked Martin Luther King for all his labors and stayed through to Monday to enjoy the pool (finally) and take the long way home up Hwy 87 (another adventure for an other time). We enjoyed local food at Michalagelos Pizza - Not just amazing pizza - super amazing and great staff, handling crazy Covid 19 rules with curbside only. El Cazador had terrific and authentic Mexican food! Take away was expertly packaged and we had a shot of good tequila while we waited (never fear - we walked back to the hotel). Monday before we headed out we had lunch at Havana's - also on the strip. Another excellent choice. very reasonable for the amount of food and terrific flavor. Also excellent wait and kitchen staff!

When you have the opportunity to head to the beach... in my opinion there is no bad time to go and enjoy some "island time"...

Thanks for reading and looking.

Please leave me some feed back and keep an eye out for another portfolio...


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